Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Allahu Rabbi

Assalamualaikum, dear readers! ^_^

I have been posting Emily Greens for the holiday even though I'm working slowly. Sorry :(

But I don't feel like typing that story right now. I just don't feel like doing so. Even typing these words make me shiver. I've been feeling cold from last night. My fingers are like shaking around. But I think that I should post something. Yes, 'some' things.

Last night, I couldn't sleep.
Couldn't. I really couldn't sleep last night.
I fell asleep at 3 am or something.

And I tried to sleep. And I failed. And I wasn't just lying to try to sleep. I thought of lots of things. And I kept feeling not right. I thought of lots of horrible, scary things. And of course, I was scared.

As a result, I could not sleep at all.

So, I was thinking and thinking.

This lately, I've been reading about late Yasmin Hunwick. And it scares me a lot.
Together we recite al- Fatihah for her.

This 17 year old sister had an accident and died in June 2012. You can read it yourself.

Inna lillahi wa inna ilaihi raaji`uun.
To Allah we all belong and to Him we will return.

Thinking of her, I thought of myself.

It's true. We all belong to ALLAH. So, whenever we die, where and how had all been planned by him. No matter how old or how young we are at that time.

So, I was thinking if I was going to die.
What about my preparations for the Hereafter?
It's sad when we remember our sins and we were going to die soon.

I was totally scared. Scared I won't have enough time to repent and do good deeds.

And yes, I cried. Cried for my sins.

But yes, ALLAH is always there for those who's willing to repent. And that did calm me down.


Say, "O My servants who have transgressed against themselves [by sinning], do not despair of the mercy of Allah . Indeed, Allah forgives all sins. Indeed, it is He who is the Forgiving, the Merciful."

The Holy Quran, Surah az Zumar, verse 53. 

And I found myself asleep. And in the morning I woke up, gratefully.
ALHAMDULILLAH, Praises to Allah, Who still allows me to live on His Earth, preparing for the Hereafter.

And I keep thinking about Allah's love towards His servants. Ya Allah.
How Merciful You are and I was ashamed to seek for His forgiveness.

Allahu Rabbi.
I pray to Him so that he will keep me in the right way.
And I pray so that He will show His right way to those who's still ignorant.

Alhamdulillah. It's a pleasure to be able to write this. Feeling much better to be able to share how Forgiving ALLAH is. Indeed, it is He who is the Forgiving, the Merciful

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Nature at Once :)

Assalamualaikum, dear readers! ^_^

I'm sorry we need to skip Emily Greens for a nature post ^_^ Hehe...
I surfed National Geographic and found a new post about Top 10 New Species ^_^
And it really did fascinate me, and I'm eager to share.
I know not everyone is interested in these things but it's nothing wrong to share, right? :)

A man displays a new species of snub-nosed monkey—which was killed for food—in Myanmar (Burma) in 2010.


Found near the Dutch Caribbean island of Bonaire, this "strikingly beautiful yet venomous jellyfish" resembles a box kite, with its long, colorful tails, according to ASU.


At 6.3 inches (16 centimeters) long, the giant millipede Crurifarcimen vagans(pictured) is the biggest millipede yet found.


The "breathtakingly beautiful" Sazima's tarantula was found in Bahia, Brazil, according to ASU.

Flowers of the night-blooming orchid (pictured) open around 10 p.m. and close the next morning.

An ancient, spiny creature nicknamed a walking cactus is seen in an illustration.
Discovered via fossils unearthed in China's Yunnan Province, the 2.4-inch-long (6-centimeter-long) Diania cactiformis had a worm-like body and ten pairs of armored, likely jointed legs.
The animal would have lived about 500 million years ago during a period of rapid evolution called the Cambrian explosion.
A new species of parasitic wasp found in Europe, Kollasmosoma sentum(pictured), "dive bombs" ants to lay its eggs.


The "beautiful" Nepalese autumn poppy likely escaped identification for many years due to its extreme high-altitude habitat—nearly 14,000 feet (4,300 meters), according to ASU.


Discovered miles under Earth's surface, the devil worm (pictured) is the deepest-living animal yet found.


The new species Spongiforma squarepantsii has a spongy appearance thatreminded scientists of the cartoon character Spongebob Squarepants.


Subhanallah! I'm totally fascinated with all this :) I really wish to get know them all more! Oh, for anyone who's interested, (if there's any :) come with me.

Real deep from heart credits for National Geographic :)
Every information about the unique species up there is from Nat Geo.. :)
Still not enough nature, hehe but I think I need to go now!

Before I log out: Praises to ALLAH for his amazing creations :) Let us all protect & appreciate them :)

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Alhamdulillah, 'THEY' are still out there :)

Assalamualaikum, dear readers! ^_^

Hurm.. After a long time leaving the blog, I think I should just write in English. I'm used to. ^_^ No can do. Though sometimes I feel writing in BM is better, maybe I'll change according to the situation. Yes, maybe that will be fine. ^_^

It's a holiday, once again. My school's being used for a event. We students get the advantage. Hehe... Okay, the thing I want to share is mid year exam's around the corner. Yes. Around the corner. So, the holiday doesn't mean really much enjoyable. Hehe.. We appreciate it though..  Okay, let's think apart of the study-study-study things for a moment.

Besides studying during holiday, I was with Facebook ^_^ and figured out another internet-medium-da'wah-team. Hehe.. Understand me ? Sorry. I can't elaborate any longer. Okay, fine. They use internet and videos as their medium of da'wah. Easy. The first video I found was shared by my ex-facilitator in my primary school. It's about women and aurah. Hot topic, deep meaning. When I watched it, I didn't feel like it's annoying. It's funny and acceptable. The facts they listed out were super LOGIC! ^_^ Try watching it, you will salute the YOUNG MUSLIMS. I try hard to be like them. But maybe not by videos. Maybe with sharing what people like them do. InshaAllah ^_^.. This also makes me feel releaved  that there are still good YOUNG MUSLIMS out there. Alhamdulillah. We need more teens like this, towards better ummah. InshaAllah ^_^

Okay, about the da'wah videos, you can find them on youtube.
There's a channel MrTheAllShared. Try watching the videos. ^_^
There's always benefits and moral values behind the stories they brought.
And be informed that most of the messages they try to bring are inversely.

Let me share you the first one I watched. But it's in Malay. Not to worry.

I think that's all from me.
Nature message for today : Keep on loving nature as it helps keeping us living. With ALLAH's willing. ^_^

Assalamualaikum ^_^ 

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Eh, ?

Assalamualaikum, dear readers! ^_^

Entah apa tajuknya. Merepek. Susah hendak diterangkan. Tiba- tiba, berkenan di hati. Nak menulis berbahasa Melayu. Selama ini memang menulis dalam English. Tapi, terasa kreativiti terbatas. Tak tahulah kenapa. Padahal, blog dulu yang fully English sememangnya lebih seronok berbanding blog ini. Eish, belum tahu. Tak mengapa, cuba dulu.

Menulis dalam BM, lebih terasa nikmatnya. ^_^ Sama saja. Yang penting apa yang cuba disampaikan. Sebenarnya hari ni tak ada apa- apa yang menarik nak dikongsikan. Nak kongsi pasal tulisan. Hurmm.. Kenapa ya? Saya suka menulis. ^_^ Suka sangat. Kalau dalam buku, 1 buku memang tak akan cukup untuk setahun. Ya, memang nampak membazir. Tapi nak buat macam mana.Hakikatnya begitulah. Saya minat dengan semua ni. Tapi, ayat- ayat saya tak lah sehebat mana. Tak cukup bermadah. Tak sehebat ayat- ayat yang menyentuh qalbu lagi memeningkan fikiran mentafsirnya. Ayat siapa tu?Ayat abang saya. ^_^ Ada buka blog seorang senior semalam. Wah, tak sangka sungguh. Dia juga orang yang kuat bermadah. Puitis sekali. Ayat- ayatnya hebat. Membacanya membuatkan fikiran tenggelam dalam angan. Okey, mulalah tu. Siapa kakak itu? Saya tak pasti identitinya yang sebenar. Tapi saya yakin dia senior tahun lepas.

Huuuhh... Kecoh pasal kehebatan orang lain bermadah. Diri ini apalah sangat. Tapi, waktu kemuncak nak dapat idea menulis... Tahu bila ? Waktu examlah! Waktu peperiksaan.. ^_^ Lucu. Kelakar. Hahaha.. Gelak sendiri. Ketawa seorang. Betul. Inilah fakta inilah hakikat inilah kenyataan. Selepas periksa, mesti cikgu suruh periksa kertas tu. Lepas periksa nak buat apa? Nak tidur? Lelaki di sebelah sentiasa membuatkan saya berfikir dua kali sebelum tidur. Hehe.. Sebenarnya dia tidur juga. Tapi, tetap seganlah nak tidur dalam kelas. Apa lagi... Keluarkan test pad, dan pensel laju menulis..

Haaa.... Satu lagi, hal yang saya pun tak habis fikir. Tak faham kenapa jadi macam ni. Tapi hobi ini saya teruskan sahaja... Kalau tulis guna pen, selalunya idea tak mahu keluar... Hik..hik.. Lawak sungguh. Sebab itulah, kalau waktu nak berpuisi dan berkarya, mesti automatik keluar pensel. Hurm,, pelik juga. Tapi taklah sangat.

Haii... Kenapalah saya tengah tulis benda yang tidak berfaedah ni.. Macam ada orang baca.... Kalau ada, bazir masa dia... :) Kesian.. Kena tambah benda berfaedah ni..

Hehehe.. Ni nak kongsi pasal FAMOUS.

F  -  A  -  M  -  O  -  U  -  S

atau BM nya TERKENAL lah...

Anda ada teringin nak jadi terkenal? Hurm.. Seronok sangatkah? Ada orang suka, ada orang tak suka. Kita kan berbeza semuanya. :) Luculah! Saya nak ketawa sebentar. Heheheheeeee..... Okey, selesai. Anda kenal Matluthfi? Oh, saya sangat sukakannya. Dia Vlogger. Video dia semuanya bagus. Bermanfaat dan berpengajaran. Dalam video terbarunya, ada cerita pasal pandangan dia terhadap ke'POPULAR'an dirinya sekarang.

Saya tak boleh pertikaikan yang popular tu bagus atau tak. Semuanya terpulang pada diri. Andai diri rasa bagus, ertinya ada yang boleh dimanfaatkan dengan pengaruh itu. Andai diri rasa itu tiada gunanya, pasti ada lebih banyak perkara lain yang boleh dilakukan. Hmm.. Ayat ini agak memeningkan. Cuba faham sendiri. Baca dengan hati.. Jangan lupa intonasi... Okeylah.. Sampai sini dulu...

Hayati luahan rasa Matluthfi ni sebagai pengakhir wacana hari ini.. ^_^

Assalamualaikum !

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Time- getting shorter

Assalamualaikum, dear readers! ^_^

Lately, I had been celebrating people's birthdays everywhere. Even my birthday is coming soon. ^_^ February. You know when is it. Hehe.. It's nothing to be proud of or even funny to laugh for. The thing I want to share is that sometimes, we celebrate our birthday without realizing that we're getting older and nearer for death. I'm not talking about anyone. It's just a reminder for you and me. Sometimes I myself don't remember this thing when I celebrate my birthday. All in my mind that time is happiness and to listen to people wishing Happy Birthday for us.

Yes, that's true. And it's a fact. But once again, as a reminder for us, we need to know and flash back, our reason of living in this world. And what we'll face in the Hereafter. Time is always getting shorter. We need to  rush for it or else we'll be left far behind. Arabic saying, alwaqtu ka assaif. in lam yaqta`hu, qata`aka. It means, time is like a sword. If you don't cut it, it cuts you. Malays say, potong or cut (English) which actually means to get over or before something.

Okay, end of vocabulary part. Back to our topic, time. We need to remind ourselves that our time living and doing good deeds is always getting shorter and shorter. Hence, we should always try to do good deeds and everything else we should rather than wasting our time.

As I'm a student, I feel more excited to share things with my friends. Students like us should remember to study smart not just for important exams. Just study until we really understand something we learnt and we feel like we can teach it to the others. That's how 'understanding lessons' like. As for my batch, we're going to seat for PMR or Penilaian Menengah Rendah next year. In Malaysia, 15 year old students will seat for this exam before going to upper forms. So here I'd love to remind myself and also my dearest friends to work hard starting from now and not to wait for next year. Remember, the time's getting shorter and if we don't get started, nothing will work out. InshaAllah, if we work hard for something good, and we set in our hearts that we're fighting or jihad fi sabilillah, to fight for ad Deen, we pray for our success and we leave the rest to Allah, inshaAllah we will succeed.
 Baby says "I've started studying. When will you?"

But sometimes students wait for the exam years to study. This is so wrong. We need to remind ourselves, last minute studying is so not good. Though we may think we're smart enough that we can catch up what we learn in 5 minutes. That's so wrong. But that might be true. But to be more cautious, we need to practice earlier. Don't you ever heard of practice makes perfect? That saying is really true and I agree with it.

Lastly, I realize that I myself sometimes forget things I say and things I write, so together we remind each other and help each other to seek ALLAH's pleasure for us. Muslims need reminders as we're all forgetful. So, together we remind each other and change towards better. ^_^

p/s: Remember to correct my mistakes and don't forget to inform me! Do comment.

Thanks for reading! Sorry if I kept you bored reading! Keep reading, keep sharing, keep on thinking!

Assalamualaikum! ^_^

Monday, February 6, 2012


Assalamualaikum, dear readers! ^_^

I feel great to be able to update my blog. And I would feel better if people read it. ^_^. Talking about organisations, I want to write about my class. As I'm studying in a religious school, we students don't talk really much with the boys. And for my class, boys and girls keep on fighting. But we're just fighting for silly things. Like getting newspapers and who's better, boys or girls? It's just not reasonable. And that makes me keep thinking? If this is how it's like, how can our class win anything? Especially the nearest competition, the Most CHEERFUL CLASS. Hurm.. I kept thinking and thinking.

Somehow, I think that this year, we're getting better. I don't know. I just feel like that. Okay, the thing I want to share here is actually what we should and should not in an organisation. My class had been having war because of a little bit of misunderstanding between what we can and cannot do. Actually Islam allows boys and girls to talk and discuss. Just make sure it is really important for us to discuss. As for decorating the class, of course all of the class members need to discuss. We need to clear things up, not get messed and fight. Secondly, make sure that we aren't being just two. A boy and a girl. And what's the third? Exactly, shaytan. So, the easiest thing for this is gather all the class member and choose one person to be the president. The president will handle the meeting and start the discussion. It will be easier that way. Thirdly, don't start any conversation about unreasonable, in-beneficial and unimportant things between boys and girls. Just talk about things we need to. This way, we can save our time and avoid ourselves from getting to close. We students have got lots of homework right? So why should we waste time chit chatting? It's better to study .  ^_^

Okay, in an organisation, we need to learn accepting people's opinions and suggestions. Be open minded. We can't just make decisions as we want. Discussion is important. We also can't blame people for something  that happened. Try something to overcome the problem. It's better that way. And another thing is, both boys and girls need to cooperate and don't just make it only one team working. You understand how it's like.   And most importantly, always remember to have some respect to the organisation leader. Do as what he/she told as long as it's not something wrong. We know what's good and wrong. And remember to remind the leader for his mistakes. Work together. ^_^

I think that's all for now. It feels nice to share something I specially dedicate to my class. Happy Working, Happy Trying, Happy Ending.

p/s: Remind & comment me for my mistakes.

Assalamualaikum, keep trying, keep on thinking!

Plans and Results...

Assalamualaikum, dear readers! ^_^

It has been long enough since I stopped writing. I really mean since I can't find my old blog. I'm grateful that I'm hardworking enough to create this. Hehe.. As for tonight, I'm thinking of sharing something especially for my little sisters in SASIS... I mean the Form 1 students.. I know I'm not that mature to tell them this, but it's just something to share and inshaAllah, useful. ^_^

During my Form 1 Days, I used to have lots of old friends in SASIS. So, being there wasn't a problem for me. I didn't feel hard to find friends or even lonely. ^_^. Grateful for that. But few weeks after the orientation week, my friends started to move away. I started to feel uneasy. I just thought they shouldn't have moved. And I believe, that's what my sisters now are feeling. They might just got knowing each other for few weeks but I'm sure there's at least a feeling of love towards their new friends. They won't be happy to let their friends go.

So, one night in the class, I wrote something in my book. Here it is:

Fatihah went away
Syahindah went away
Anis' on the way to go away
She'll leave
Why is this happening?
I kept asking
Nobody's answering
I'm asking myself
And then there's a voice saying that
It's the best to be

Immy - January 27th 2011

So that's it. It's the best to be. We can only plan but ALLAH decides it all.. We all know that what ALLAH decided for us is the best for us. And we also know that anything HE decided to give us is something we can get. Something HE wants to test us, is something we're able to do. Isn't it clear enough for us to accept what's already fated? As for students, it's normal to think 'Can I succeed here?' or even 'Is here the best place for me to achieve my dreams?' or even saying 'Is this school good?'

Actually we need to know, anywhere we go, we can succeed. The most important thing is that we try. Wherever we go, if we try hard and study smart, the success is in our hands. Just make sure that our intention is Lillahi taala.. We try, we pray for it, and we leave the rest to ALLAH. Just make sure we don't get snobbish after getting excellence. Sometimes, people don't obtain a long lasting success because they weren't being grateful. Be grateful and stay how we were before we succeeded. BE OURSELVES.

I remember a part from Imam Muda Hassan (Malaysian public figure) 's story when he came to my school. He told about being ourselves though we had changed towards a better person. If we weren't so talkative before, and now we are, just don't make people awkward with us because now we talk more than they do. Hehe.. ^_^

Same if we were not so successful before, and we tried hard and we succeeded. Just don't make people who knew your old you to look high at you. Just be the old you. Be the 'you' who kept studying. 'You' who kept asking and 'you' who had never been high. Making sure that we are still the old 'we' makes us realize that we're nothing but caliphs of ALLAH. It's good to know we always remember who exactly are we.

So do remember that:

1. ALLAH's plans are the best for us.
2. Keep on working hard for everything we want.
3. Be our old hardworking selves though after we succeed.
4. Always be grateful and never ever be snobbish.
5. When we feel hopeless, find ALLAH.
    When we feel spiritless, find ALLAH.
    When we feel we can't accept the fate, find ALLAH
    and when we feel we need somebody to talk to, find ALLAH.

Lastly, I'm also a human who makes mistakes. Remind me if I did any in my writings. It's a really nice of you to do so. Keep on reading. Keep on changing.

Assalamualaikum.. ^_^

Science, Parents & Good Deeds

Assalamualaikum.. ^_^

Now is the holiday season. School season is just around the corner. When we're back to school, people will surely ask. What have you done on your holiday? Have you done your homework? Or even saying Hi, I miss you. Well, that still shows they want to know about our holiday. Holiday is not over yet. Still, I want to share my holiday. It's not about what I've done or where I've gone. It's what I'm doing and I'm happy to keep doing.

Have you ever thought of my topic ? Science ? Parents ?

Hehehe.. By the way, I'm just going to talk about Simple Science. As for me, my Ummi's a lecturer. Even on holidays, she goes to work. Seeing her coming home every evening tiredly, makes me feel ..... It's hard to say. So, I was figuring out a way to keep her smiling. ^_^ Tada!! An idea! Islam teaches us to be good and kind to everyone. So why not we be good to our own Mother ?

The steps I used are :

1. Clean the house (or even only the kitchen) before my Ummi arrives home.
2. Open the door & Welcome her home.
3. Prepare her some kind of drink she likes...

Oh, a story of making drinks.. On the first day I did this, I asked "Ummi... Coffee or Tea ?" while smiling broadly at the kitchen. My Ummi was shocked. Of course. She must be surprised to hear me asking that way. She answered, " Anything, honey. It must be hot, okay?" "SURE!" that was my answer. Ummi went praying Asr' and I prepared the drink with love . =) The last step is when my Ummi said she wants it HOT, I used of course, a science fact!

The thing I wanted to tell is that I used a BLACK MUG. We all learn science. Don't we? So it's logic to have all readers understand this. ^_^ What's the connection between BLACK and HOTNESS ? Think and keep on searching.

Thanks for reading. ^_^

p/s: I'm not trying to make it hard for anyone. I'm trying to make everyone think and remember. ^_^