Saturday, April 28, 2012

Alhamdulillah, 'THEY' are still out there :)

Assalamualaikum, dear readers! ^_^

Hurm.. After a long time leaving the blog, I think I should just write in English. I'm used to. ^_^ No can do. Though sometimes I feel writing in BM is better, maybe I'll change according to the situation. Yes, maybe that will be fine. ^_^

It's a holiday, once again. My school's being used for a event. We students get the advantage. Hehe... Okay, the thing I want to share is mid year exam's around the corner. Yes. Around the corner. So, the holiday doesn't mean really much enjoyable. Hehe.. We appreciate it though..  Okay, let's think apart of the study-study-study things for a moment.

Besides studying during holiday, I was with Facebook ^_^ and figured out another internet-medium-da'wah-team. Hehe.. Understand me ? Sorry. I can't elaborate any longer. Okay, fine. They use internet and videos as their medium of da'wah. Easy. The first video I found was shared by my ex-facilitator in my primary school. It's about women and aurah. Hot topic, deep meaning. When I watched it, I didn't feel like it's annoying. It's funny and acceptable. The facts they listed out were super LOGIC! ^_^ Try watching it, you will salute the YOUNG MUSLIMS. I try hard to be like them. But maybe not by videos. Maybe with sharing what people like them do. InshaAllah ^_^.. This also makes me feel releaved  that there are still good YOUNG MUSLIMS out there. Alhamdulillah. We need more teens like this, towards better ummah. InshaAllah ^_^

Okay, about the da'wah videos, you can find them on youtube.
There's a channel MrTheAllShared. Try watching the videos. ^_^
There's always benefits and moral values behind the stories they brought.
And be informed that most of the messages they try to bring are inversely.

Let me share you the first one I watched. But it's in Malay. Not to worry.

I think that's all from me.
Nature message for today : Keep on loving nature as it helps keeping us living. With ALLAH's willing. ^_^

Assalamualaikum ^_^