Sunday, December 4, 2016

Melex Bonding Day

Assalamualaikum, dear readers! ^_^

Alhamdulillah I finally got time to blog again yeay! :)
Yesterday means a lot to me. In the morning, I joined Lex Bond, a bonding programme for members of MeLex, the law students’ society I joined in CFS. It started in the morning, and was kicked off with breakfast together. Later, when most of us have arrived, we sat in a circle and listened to a Proposal Briefing from Madam Mizan and Mr Ridhwan, our lecturers. Since most of the participants yesterday were the committees of Melex, we were reminded the essence of every paperwork for each programs that we plan to do. Some earlier programs have been rejected due to errors in the paperwork or it being not very convincing. Thus, Madam shared with us her experience in making paperwork, the correct way of doing it and her experience dealing with corporate individuals in finding sponsorship for the programs. 

Though the briefing was regarding rather serious matter, it was fun all along. The way our lecturers conveyed their hopes and their experiences was very relaxed and enjoyable. We laughed most of the time, too. We understood then, that the process of planning and executing our programs is a really long process of learning and that we will finally benefit from it, in the main campus and in our career too, in shaa Allah. 

After that, we moved on to the next activity; Lexplore hehe. It surely meant Lex Explorace. It's funny how everything was combined with the word 'lex' yesterday. Lex Bond, Lexplore, Dollex hahaha okay going to share about that later. 

During registration, each of us was given a line from a song to be memorized. After the Proposal Briefing, we were told to sing our lines and find people who sing lines from the same song. People singing the same song are in the same group and should get together in a line. My line was 'we shall excel, we shall prevail....’ Hahaha it's the IIUM song and it was not that hard to find others singing the same song. Some groups were singing the famous ‘Walaupun hidup seribu tahun, kalau tak sembahyang apa gunanya’ and ‘Kun Anta’.  When all of us got into our groups, we were given a Constitution which told us the rules of Lexplore, Jobscopes List, Summon List, and Finance List which contained clauses which were so legal! Hehehe
The constitution directed us to appoint a Program Manager (our group leader), Assistant Program Manager, Program Coordinator, Secretary, Treasurer, Head of Public Relations, Head of Preparation and Technical, and Head of Modules. The secretary was then given a manila card, a few pieces of A4 paper, and three colour pencils and the treasurer was given an envelope containing Dollex (hahaha the Lex dollars they printed with the HiComs faces). We were then introduced to the Game Marshal who was going to summon us if any of us were to breach the rules stated in the constitution. Each summon would cost us the different amount of Dollex, depending on the offense. 

Then, we went to the first checkpoint; Annex. There, the Program Coordinator (PC) was responsible to lead the group. Each members of the group were told to wear a headphone with a really loud music being played, the PC would give instructions to them, and they needed to act upon the instruction. Hehe the funny thing is that the person wearing the headphone really couldn’t hear anything the PC was saying and depended only on how the PC’s mouth moved. It was so hilarious- everyone’s responses towards the different instructions. Everyone admitted that it was so hard to understand the instruction and each PC was trying so hard to make the members understand. When everyone was done, the programme committee explained to us the lesson from that game. He told us that it is that hard for PCs for any programs to give instructions to the other committees, if everyone simply doesn’t listen. Listening properly to the superiors’ instructions is essential to produce comprehension towards the task and execute it properly. We were deeply influenced by the game and self reflected with ourselves for a moment. 

The next checkpoint, we played a ‘Telepathy Game’. Five members of the group which the PM and APM trusted most stood in front and in a zigzag arrangement. Then the game committee said two names/items, and with our eyes closed, we needed to shout out our choice between the two. They wanted to see if the choices of every members of the group were the same item or not. After that, in the same position, we were told to open our eyes and listen to the term or name pronounced by the game committee. Upon hearing the term, we needed to act resembling the term. Again, they wanted to see if our actions were common or varied from each other. It was funny to see different reactions from each member of the groups and everyone enjoyed the game. In the end, the game committee told us that another essence in an organization is to be united, and that can be achieved by following the agreed decision of the majority. That is what makes jobs easier done. Yes, at that moment, one thing in my mind was; how creative these game committees are in depicting real life situations into games which will surely leave effects in us. 

For the next checkpoint, we went quite further; to the London Bridge. There, the Head of Public Relations (PR) was in charge. There were six boxes containing secret items on the tables. The PRs were to insert their hands into the boxes and describe each item with only four words. The other group members were to listen carefully to the descriptive words and think of what the items were. When the PRs were done describing the items, the rest would discuss what the items might be and submit their answers to the committee. It was interesting, only that I wished everyone could touch the items too, or there was no time limit for the PRs to list the 4 words hehe. Interestingly, the lesson from this game is that a person who is in charge of Public Relations, who will deal with outsiders be them someone highly influential or not, must be able to convey the message or intention specifically and with clarity. Just like the game, if the PR is not able to describe the items clearly, the other group members will be in hardship in guessing what the items were, thus if a person in charge of Public Relations cannot clarify the intention of a particular deal, the objective won’t be achieved. Oh, this game really taught us well. 

The last checkpoint was at SMAIWP2. The game there was a bit sporty. Before it started, we were told to hold two items; one regarded non beneficial and another one valuable. Without thinking about the instruction too deeply, most of us took the scattered leaves as the non beneficial items and kept one favourite valuable item in hand. We were then told to put the non beneficial items in a box for each group. Next, we played a game where slippers are thrown to topple mineral water bottles down. The hard part was the thrower stands at the first level of the building, and the bottle was at the court in between the two buildings. There were 4 stages altogether and the last stage was between two winning groups from the previous stages. In the last stage, the challenge was to topple a number of empty drinking cans, but using the non beneficial items that we collected at first! Come to think of it, most of us just picked the dried leaves, and now we had to topple the drinking cans with them. Luckily, one of our group members had picked a mineral water bottle. Our head of Prep and Tech threw the bottle and after the second try, the empty cans tower fell to the ground :)
The lesson from that game was also quite a heart shot. The committee said that just like what most of us thought during the game, it was really hard. But then again, the same goes in life. There will be times when things get so hard for us, and asking for help is just too risky. That is when we need to be resilient and just keep trying hard, so things can be settled down. Another thing is that we always take things for granted. The committee asked us the reason for picking the dried leaves as our non beneficial items. He just said, “So the leaves have never been important in your life?” And everyone looked down in silence. 

By then, it was almost three already. We rushed back to the AMF for the closing ceremony. We sat once again in a big circle and each treasurer was asked their groups’ total Dollex after all the games. 
Calling it a day
 Some lost their Dollex through summons while some bought advantages during the games. Alhamdulillah, my group managed to keep about 90+- Dollex. Then, the PM for each group was asked their opinion on the possibility of our ad hoc proposal which was done throughout the game time span to be approved and become a success. After hearing every PM’s explanation about their groups’ achievements, we moved on to the prize giving ceremony. 

With the total Dollex, my group managed to be in 2nd place :) Alhamdulillah. But really, it’s not the place nor prizes that matters, but the unforgettable experience, and life lasting lessons. Before adjourning, of course, there was a photo shoot session :) and below is the product hehehe  

See you :)

This will do for now, got assignments to do hehe assalamualaikum ^_^